The Clean Rosen Collab is a YTP collab hosted by Robbi. The entries in this collab had to be clean. What that means is the entries couldn't contain any swears or sex jokes. The video is currently unlisted, but RootNegativeSixteen has reuploaded it.

Entrants in order of appearance Edit

  • Nintendom64
  • ThePyschoTails (MrDarkEdge1)
  • Ron Mad
  • ThePlamzJoker
  • ThePermian99
  • Meleemario720
  • SerialK86 (SerialKiller1986)
  • Foglume (DawnOfRosen)
  • ChickenPika
  • DaThings1
  • Sir Cleanington (Smedis2)
  • LordThexor
  • JuicyPlams
  • 256PiAlternate
  • RootNegativeSixteen
  • Sire
  • Robbi (RobGBA) [host]
  • lolfunacount
  • Dylancliff111
  • Thr³³ (TheLastMovieMaker)
  • AlarmCopter
  • Danomnomnom (Danomdragon)
  • Olly Hancock (Oliver Hancock)

Trivia Edit

  • RootNegativeSixteen hosted a sequel.

The Collab Edit

The Clean Rosen Collab (Reupload)49:45

The Clean Rosen Collab (Reupload)

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