"Fridge" is a poem by Michael Rosen from his book "The Hypnotiser"

The poem is about Michael when he was a child. In the poem, he goes to the fridge and see a jug. He then proceeds to dip his finger in the drink, and he finds the drink delightful. He then smells the jug and identifies the beverage as peach syrup. He guzzles the peach syrup and describes it with positive adjectives.

A few days later, he detects another drink. Yet again, it is a jug full of peach syrup. He repeats his actions and smells the refreshment. He finds the drink exquisite and drains out the drink.

However, a few days later, he goes to the fridge, and sees a jug yet again. He believes it to be peach syrup because of the previous days. He takes a gulp but devises the drink as "thick cooking oil". He finally wonders "who put that there?".



Fridge - Michael Rosen01:13

Fridge - Michael Rosen

Once I went to the fridge, saw our jug in there and I thought, "What's in it?". A syrup. What syrup? Smell it: *sniffs* Mmm! Smells nice. Finger in, lick it: *slurp* *tongue-click* tastes nice. Lift the jug and drink a bit. *slurp* *tongue-click* Oh, this is good, this is *slurp* *tongue-click* peach syrup, tinned peach syrup. WHAT A DRINK!! So I drank the lot. *sluuurrp* *tongue-click*

Not long after, few days later, I went to the fridge, saw our jug in there. What's in it? A syrup. What syrup? Smell it. *sniffs* Mmmmm! Oh yes, this is peach syrup again. Lift the jug and drink, *slurp* and drink some more, *slurp* and drink some more, *sluuuuuurp*

*tongue-click* I drank the lot!

Not long after, few days later, I went to the fridge, saw our jug in there. What's in it? A syrup. Yes, here we go again! Lift the jug and fill my mouth with that thick, sweet juice! *sluuurp* Blaaaaugh!! This isn't peach, this is... Blaaughaugh! My mouth is full of OIL!! Thick cooking oil!!

I wonder who put that there...

Use in PoopsEdit

  • "Thick cooking oil" is used in a sexual manner, usually involving Michael having sexual intercourse.
  • "Fill my mouth with that thick sweet juice" commonly refers to semen.

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