Goldfish is a Michael Rosen poem video released in 2008 originally from Michael Rosen's book The Hypnotizer. It features Michael's father joking that his goldfish has died.



The story describes a time where Michael's father, Harry, constantly pranks him with announcements that his pet goldfish had died, but later on it really does, kind of a “boy who cried wolf” type of thing.


DISCLAIMER: This is a transcript for a video of Michael performing the poem/book, not a transcript from the actual poem/book itself.


On Monday, my dad woke me up. “Wake up! Wake up!” he shouts, “Your goldfish is dead!”

I rushed over to the tank. It wasn't dead. It was just one of his tricks!

On Tuesday, my dad woke me up. “Wake up! Wake up!” he shouts, “Your goldfish is dead!"

I rushed over to the tank. Wasn't dead. Just one of his tricks!

On Wednesday, my dad woke me up. “Look, wake up,” he says dead quietly, “your goldfish is dead”.

“Oh no it isn't!” I said. "Look, it is,” he said. “Oh no it isn't!" I said. "Look... it really is".

So I got up, and it was my goldfish, stuck on its side on top of the water, mouth open, eyes staring, tail stiff, dead in my tank.

It wasn't one of his tricks.

Use in YouTube PoopsEdit

  • Goldfish is often used in YTPs randomly, and can be a recurring character.
  • The use of “Dead” is very commonly from this story.
  • “Tank” in this video is often used to reference a military tank i.e. “the tank shot dave”.
  • The moments of Michael saying “oh no it isn't!” can be used for someone doubting something i.e. “the pizza is alive, oh no it isn't!”
  • The term "rolled up" from another poem Tidy your room is used with the goldfish.