Hot Food (White Backround)

Hot Food (White Backround)

"Hot Food" is a poem by Michael Rozen , from his book "The Hypnotiser."

It is without doubt one of his most famous and pooped poems.

It's so popular in fact, that it is used throughout the entire YTP genre.

This is also the only poem to get two videos in two separate eras. It was first used in the 2007-2009 era (white background) and then was seen again in the 2011 era (black background).



  • This is one of Michael Rosen's favorite poems.
  • The Expression "click noice" appears alot outside of YTPs and its community. It's very well known in meme culture by people who never heard of YTP.

Transcript Edit

Hot food. We sit down to eat, and the potato's a bit hot. So I only put a little bit on my fork and I blow. *puff puff* 'Till it's cool. Just cool. Then it's into the mouth. *WHOIP* *click* Noice. And there's my brother, he's doing the same. *puff puff* 'Til it's cool. Just cool. Into the mouth. *WHOIP* *click* Noice! There's my mum, she's doing the same. *puff puff* 'Til it's cool. Just cool. Into the mouth. *WHOIP* *click* Noice! But my dad. My dad, what does he do? He stuffs a great big chunk of potato, and then that really does it. His eyes pop out. He flaps his hands. He blows, he puffs, he yells, he bobs his head up and down. He spits bits of potato all over his plate and he turns to us and he goes, "Watch out, everybody! The potato's really hot!"

Use in YTPs Edit

  • Michael clicking his tongue and saying "Nice" is used countless times throughout all of the YTP genre.
  • After Michael says ".. the potato is really hot.", Michael turns his head to the left with a confused face. This is commonly used when Michael sees and/or hears something rather stupid, silly and/or absurd.

Videos Edit

Hot Food