Michael Rosen 66th Birthday Collab

Release Date

May 13th 2012
April 30th 2015 (reupload)





The Michael Rosen 66th Birthday Collab is a Michael Rosen YouTube Poop collabration organized by YouTube user AntiTroll1000 to celebrate Michael Rosen's 66th birthday, hence the name. The collab is nearly an hour long. The collab was uploaded on 13th May 2012 to YouTube. The entrants are listed below in order of appearance.


  • DiabeetusPlams
  • FishTitan64
  • 3636colv
  • MamaLuigi005
  • Gangaswan (GangastronYTP)
  • RenaissanceCrab
  • guitarrocker100
  • TheRockmannLinder
  • Nicholas Crawford (Nickrulz7553)
  • pivotman111
  • FitzCharisma (ufuckfacesonofabitch)
  • DXT
  • MechaWeegee91
  • EliminatorKill
  • newcastlemad84 (newcastlemad1984)
  • iamoutofideas1
  • W1D3A55
  • YTP Creater
  • BlarntotheBlarn
  • youthboy14
  • TheAwesomePandaLPs (Cheetahmen92)
  • BenAD361
  • CoolSoilder42
  • CheeChee (ProfessorCheeseBall)
  • NitroConcrete1
  • Katan The Van (KatanaSoul)
  • ytpguy77
  • Suspended4nimation
  • PyschicSidekick11
  • Garbageend
  • Bitfox (Kabob340)
  • AlarmCopter
  • Jigwally
  • Peskeh
  • SuperSpyro3000


  • The was the first Michael Rosen birthday collab ever hosted.
  • Some entries were cut. The reason for this is unknown.

The CollabEdit

Michael Rosen's 66th Birthday Collab (Reupload)50:39

Michael Rosen's 66th Birthday Collab (Reupload)

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