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About Edit

NoiceDrinkz is a well known YouTube Pooper who has approximately 2,900 subscribers as of 1/22/17. He has created a persona of himself being Michael Rosen, but often drinking or holding a glass of what appears to be soda or iced tea. He creates mostly Michael Rosen YTP but also creates YTP with other themes.

NoiceDrinkz also submitted an entry to the Michael Rosen 70th Birthday Collab.

Rank Edit

These statistics are correct as of 1/22/17

SocialBlade Grade: B-

Network/Claimed by: LabelEngine

Estimated Monthly Earnings: €33 - €513

Views in last 30 days: ▲116%

Subcribers in last 30 days: ▲68%

SocialBlade Rank: 422,105th

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