NotAHamster's Chronological Universe is the strange Universe where Michael and his friends interact with NotAHamster on a regular basis, and get into weird situations.

Major CharactersEdit

Pre ResetEdit

  • Michael Rosen - Main Hero of the universe, Spy for MI5, Agent 0069
  • Melloey - Michael's Classmate, apparently terrifying. Pregrant with Harrybo's Grandad's child, Class Slut
  • Inspector Black Banana - Strange Pedo who comes after people
  • Grandpa - Harrybo's Grandpa. Had sex with Melloey.
  • Harrybo - Michael's Friend
  • Dave - Michael's other friend, Has a Hamster
  • Skyfoogle Nation - Led by the Skyfoogle, Evil Villians
  • Miss Goodall - The teacher, in a relationship with Harrybo

After ResetEdit

  • Michael Rosen - Main Hero of the universe
  • NotAHamster - Mysterious friend of Michael
  • Harrybo - Michael's Friend, has a Grandpa with sheds of blue cheese
  • Classmates - Mostly dead after the Breathing Incident. Former Members include Hans, Dave and George.
  • Miss Holland - Evil Teacher who owns the School Prison
  • Melanie - Unseen Character, Future appearence likely
  • Skyfoogle - Formerly owned by George, future appearence likely

Surviving Classmates

  1. Michael
  2. Harrybo
  3. Melanie
  4. Rose
  5. Rodge

The PlotEdit

Pre Reset

In the original 5 video chronology, Michael and his Friends had no set plot.

  • (Pilot) AGK meets Michael - Michael is a Baby Sitter for Angry German Kid, a few months before Michael's spinoff
  • Michael and the Inspector - Michael is attacked by Melloey and the Inspector, who have their way with him
  • Harrybo's Grandad and Melloey - Melloey has a bit too much fun with Harrybo's grandad
  • 0069 - Skyfoogle - Michael becomes a spy, chasing a worker of the Skyfoogle Nation
  • Skyfoogle 2 - Electric Boogaloo - Michael has to stop the Skyfoogle destroying the WTC

The old universe was imploded as the WTC fell. It is believed NotAHamster was unhappy with the low effort, and stolen clips, so quit for over a year on Rosen Poops.

Post Reset

Hamster recieved better video equipment, and his popularity shot up in this time, so started anew, with better effects, and no stolen content from other Poopers.

  • Rosen and the Shed - Harrybo's upset over NotAHamster trying to hit 1K, Queen Juliana does dirty things, and Michael Copies.
  • Michael Rosen Goes to Jail - After telling the class about his fat friend Hans, Michael meets Miss Holland, a evil woman.
  • Michael Rosen's Great Escape - NotAHamster and Harrybo attempt to save Michael from jail. (WIP)