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Who is Michael Rosen?

Michael Wayne Rosen is a British poet/book writer who is best well known for his book We're Going on a Bear Hunt, in YouTube Poops and as the *Click* noice guy.
  • Michael's most famous book
  • One of the most popular YouTube Poop sources.
  • Michael has a *click* noice meme.

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  • Michael Rosen is planning to do a livestream on his YouTube account, December 15th 2017 at 12:30 GMT. - news added on 11/22/17.
  • The User Billybob125poopz has successfully adopted this Wikia - news added on 11/22/17.
  • Happy Plummin' Birthday! Michael Rosen turns 72 on May 7th 2018. - news added on 5/4/18.
  • The Michael Rosen 72nd YouTube Poop Collab is out! happy YouTube Pooping and happy birthday Michael Wayne Rosen! - news added on 5/6/2018

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