Skyfoogle is a series created by YouTube Pooper RandomAxe. There are 3 episodes so far.

Episode 1Edit

It all begins with the screens saying:

The Terrifying Skyfoogle ExperienceEdit

STARRING: Michael Rosen, then with Michael saying "We know that you fool!" and apperaing in the screen.

The narration begins with Michael saying that a tonail turned up their way and put notices all over the streets saying that he was gonna open a portal to another dimension. "Blimey! he said". The show was for 2o' clock in the next day. In the next day Michael's little gang turned up to see the portal. They were instructed to go in to a tent and the man wnt behind the curtains and started to talk in a spooky voice. Suddenly, the portal opened right in front of evreyone in the tent. The toenail took Michael and shoved him into the portal. After a long and dizzy trip he finally arrived into the Skyfoogle realm. He is confronted by the fake King of the skyfoogles. After a small dialogue with the Fake King of the Skyfoogles, Michael is being sent to a huge tower. Then the start to Disect Michael. "It's hurting!" he said. Then he saw Harrybo. He was dead. Michael then gets the prison key and he manages to escape. He escaped the tower faster than an electronic Grandad but the skyfoogles are following him. He finally sees the last portal but it was closing. Michael just had time to say: Ya can't catch me i'm Michael Rosen. He finally gets home. "HORAAAY! I GOT THROUGH!" And evreything is lovley once again.

Episode 2Edit

One scene has Michael taking an elevator downstairs and... the skyfoogles have everyone died. But Michael survived the attack from the skyfoogles. :D

Episode 3Edit


Episode 4 Edit

Presumed cancelled, but someone might save the episode and future episodes from being scrapped. [has been confirmed] someone else is continuing the series for two more episodes!


YTP Skyfoogle II - Mad Skyfoogle Stuff

YTP Skyfoogle II - Mad Skyfoogle Stuff

Episode 2

YTP Skyfoogle III

YTP Skyfoogle III

Episode 3

YTP Skyfoogle I - The Terrifying Skyfoogle Experience

YTP Skyfoogle I - The Terrifying Skyfoogle Experience

Episode 1