The Imperial Phantom Menace was a YouTube Pooper who was around from March 2014 to June 2016, he is most often known as 'That guy who tried to host 10 Seconds of Rosen 3'. He most often used Michael Rosen as a source, as he was part of two of the main shows that Phantom did (The Michael Rosen Show and Tulipwood). He did also use other sources, such as Doctor Who and other television shows.


The Imperial Phantom Menace truly started YouTube in the summer of 2008, when whilst searching up for Doctor Who videos when he found a YTP of one of the recent episodes of the latest season. However, it wasn't until 2013 for when Phantom gained a channel, named JamesOps2 (which was a rubbish name at the time, but it stuck.). During 2013, the channel was alive until a copyright strike battle against FOX for accidently uploading parts of a Simpsons episode. It wasn't until 2014 til Phantom had his channel, then named BattleofDuty (again, stupid name reigned again.) for when Phantom could be able to make Michael Rosen YTP's. His first Michael Rosen YTP was 'The Michael Rosen Show - Episode 1', which was poor because it was created on YouTube Video Editor (everyone's nightmare video editor, finally dead in September 2017!), however, when Phantom got a new video editor in May, the videos became better with some of his favorites - 'Adverts In Hell 1' and 'Tulipwood - Children of London' were made. This quality marked the reign for his channel until August of 2014 when he had lost the video editor to come back to YT Video Editor. However this was rectified later on in the year. Nothing special really happened until 2016 for when Phantom (with his current name) had his channel deleted (for privacy issues). Many people were distraught for when the channel died because of the content that was on. 'Some' of the old content is back-up/still around but many have been wiped.

Current IterationEdit

The current iteration of the channel is now Aiden Investigations in which some of the old Imperial videos have been archived.