The Michael Rosen's Rosen-less Collab was a two part small collab hosted by ZeroTyrant. The main objective of the collab was to produce an entry with a story where Michael is not present but the characters in his poems take over as a central stage.


Part OneEdit

  • 256PiAlternate
  • Castlevanian Rosen
  • RootNegativeSixteen
  • ZeroTyrant (Host)

Part Two (The Embarrassing Load of Shit)Edit

  • Amy Pond
  • The Archangel Network (BattleOfDuty)
  • Thepatmandoo
  • koi meerkats


  • The entries in the second part (with the exception of koi.) were all un water-marked which sparked many of the users not knowing which one was which until Zero added a timeline onto the description.
  • The second part (or 'the rejected entries' pile.) is the smallest rejected entries pile of any Michael Rosen collab. (running at 4 minutes, 29 seconds.)
  • There is no known reason why the second part is called 'The Embarrassing Load of Shit'.
  • A sequel has been announced on The Archangel Network's channel. It was released on September 16th before having a re-release on September 27th.

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