The Michael Rosen 3.529W7.5392SGYTPMVCFPBOPORATWASPSNOCCCRB144PACAF203RDE Collab (short for The Michael Rosen 3.529 Word 7.5392 Second Glitch YTPMV Comedy Fast Paced Bag Of Plums Older Rosen Around The World Animation Storyless Plamless Sourcey Nameless Offensive Cinematic Chocolate Cake Random Big 144p Anonymous Clean April Fools 203rd Earrape Collab) is a joke YouTube Poop collab that features several glitch YouTube Poops related to Michael Rosen.

About Edit

It was created by the parody channel SatisfactoryBeverage on Feb 25th, 2018 as a return after his apparent "Death" in his previous video. The Collab exceeded 1,000 views around two months after it's release and has the longest name of any Michael Rosen YTP collab to date.