The Michael Rosen Christmas Celebration Collab is a Michael Rosen collaboration hosted by the infamous YouTube user koi9000jh. The collaboration was uploaded to YouTube sometime in December 2014. The video was then duplicated by YouTube user The Imperial Phantom Menace and was pushed back into a single 17 minute video than koi's orignal videos which were split up in two parts. The collab consisted of almost, if not entirely, joke entries.

Entrants Edit

First Part:

  • koi9000jh
  • Rad Stink
  • City Of LOL
  •  ??? (This is because the host of the entry did not display a name towards this entry, in the time codes of the video. It skips from Rad Stink, City Of LOL to ReflectYTP.
  • ReflectYTP
  • TheTrainSimFan
  • fiv95
  • PiaNO! (GlaDOS996)
  • SeanKeogh1991

Second Part:

  • Robbi / Robyn (RobGBA)
  • PrettyAverageFilms
  • TheLostUnicornYTP


  • This is koi9000jh's first collab and The Imperial Phantom Menace's first collab. This would be coincidental because the next collabs they did, The Michael Rosen Christmas Celebration Collab 2 for koi and The Michael Rosen's Rosen-less Collab 2 for Imperial.
  • The Imperial Phantom Menace was going to make an entry but ran out of time whilst doing his show, The Michael Rosen Show and a Peppa Pig Collab Entry.
  • DrHotelMario did make an entry, but was too late for koi's original version and forgotten to Imperial's re-upload. When remaking the sequel, Imperial was tempted to add it in as a apology for leaving it out of the original, but settled on the entry given out to the original collab.