The Michael Rosen Rap is a poem from Michael's book 'The Hypnotiser'.

Official description Edit

"I wrote a book of poems for children called 'The Hypnotiser' some years ago and then it went out of print. I couldn't get anyone to reprint it, so I asked my son Joe to film me performing the book."
~ Michael Rosen


Michael Rosen Rap

Michael Rosen Rap


The Michael Rosen Rap.

You may think I'm happy, you may think I'm sad
You may think I'm crazy, you may think I'm mad
But hang onto your seats and listen right here
I'm gonna tell you something that'll burn your ear.

A-hip, hop, a hip hop hap, I'm giving you all the Michael Rosen rap, rap, rap rap.

I was born on the seventh of May
I remember very well that awful day
I was in my mother, curled up tight
But I have to say it was as dark as night.
Nothing to do, didn't want to breathe
I was so happy, didn't want to leave.
Then I hear some people give a shout
"One push Mrs. Rosen and he'll be out!"
I'm telling you that was a puzzle to me
I shouted out "How'd you know I'm a he?!"
Doctor shouted "Good lord, he can talk!"
I popped out my head, 'n said "Now watch me walk."
I juked and jived around that room

A-hip, hop, a hip hop hap, I'm giving you all the Michael Rosen rap, rap, rap, rap.

When I was one, I swam the English Channel
When I was two, I ate a soapy flannel
When I was three, I started getting thinner
When I was four, I ate the dog's dinner
When I was five, I was in a band playing drums
When I was six, I ate a bag of plums
When I was seven, I robbed a bank with my sister
When I was eight, I became Prime Minister
When I was nine, I closed all the schools
When I was ten, they made me... king of the fools!
So that's what I am, that's what I be
With an M with an I with a K with an E
That's what I am, that's what I'll be
Mr. Mike, Mr. Michael, Mr. Rosen, Mr. Me.

A-hip, hop, a hip hop hap, I'm giving you all the Michael Rosen rap rap, rap, rap, rap, rap...

Use in YouTube PoopsEdit

  • The mention of plums, and the way Rosen pronounces it, becomes one of the central themes of the poops, with plums eventually spelled plamz. If you have only ever seen poops and never the original video itself you will no doubt know this poem by memory word for word.
  • Other uses include the use of the rap with Michael Rosen saying inappropriate things with examples being: "When I was six I licked syrup from my sister" or "When I was seven, I rubbed syrup on my sister's big nipples"
  • YTPers like to use the word "burn" (e.g. burn your house down).

Trivia Edit

  • In the original book, one particular line of the rap was originally written as "When I was six, I ate a bag of rotten plums".