The Rosen Family Chronicles is a series of YouTube Poop's made by YouTuber 256PiAlternate. The series started with Michael Rosen Vs. The Lollipop Lady! on March 10, 2013 and is still going as of 2 years later on March 8, 2015. The series stars Michael and his brother, Brian with Older Rosen as they go on adventures. The series is very popular with many viewers and poopers.


The Beginning Of The AdventureEdit

The adventure starts as Michael goes to a show where Lollipop Lady is being shown off. More To Be Written.

Before the Holiday in RioEdit

To Be Written

The Adventure Continues... But In RioEdit

To Be Written

Round III: It's Time To End This!Edit


We're Back Home for ChristmasEdit

To Be Written

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